Airport transfer prices and discounts in district of Budapest

Airport transfer prices Budapest
  • Yellow zone

  • + 4 person: 25 EUR
  • + 8 person: get a quotation
  • Comfortable
  • Accurate
  • Reliable
  • Dark blue zone

  • + 4 person: 35 EUR
  • + 8 person: get a quotation
  • Comfortable
  • Accurate
  • Reliable
  • Green zone

  • + 4 person: 45 EUR
  • + 8 person: get a quotation
  • Comfortable
  • Accurate
  • Reliable
  • Other prices

  • Name board: 5 EUR
  • Airport parking fee: 5 EUR
  • Car seat (0 - 3 years): 5 EUR
  • Child booster seat: FREE
  • M0 hungarian highway fee: 15 EUR

Valid from 01.05.2023

What is my destination's district in Budapest?

Airport transfer price calculator in districts of Budapest

You can calculate your airport transfer price from Airport, or to Airport.

(max. 4 persons)
(max. 4 persons)

Airport meeting point: Because of the strict airport parking rules, we will be waiting for all our passengers with name board. For this service we will have to charge you 4 EUR, and plus Airport parking cost: 4 EUR. Thank you for your understanding.

The prices indicated on the map are one way trip prices including VAT. The prices are regarding trips from Budapest to Liszt Ferenc International Airport or the other way around, single trip for maximum 4 passengers. Our cars only transport you and your company. If you desire to set several pickup locations for your passengers, please ask us about related prices.

If you would like an airport pick up, please define the flight number so we can track your flight for delays or earlier arrival times. Please turn your cell phone on after claiming your luggage so we can contact you.

Please provide passenger and luggage information when placing an order with us. Please notify us if you wish to use a credit or debit card in advance.

Some prices of pre-calculated routes with car

Airport transfer prices in outside of Budapest

Start Finish Price / Car
Liszt Ferenc International Airport Szeged 110 €
Liszt Ferenc International Airport Békéscsaba 130 €
Liszt Ferenc International Airport Debrecen 145 €
Liszt Ferenc International Airport Sopron 160 €
Budapest International Airport Wien 170 €
*Our prices are included all the Hungarian motorway charges.

Waiting fees:

Our drivers arrive to the pickup address earlier and will wait for you for ten minutes after the pickup time free of charge.

If your delay is exceeds ten minutes, you will be charged 500 HUF for every began 10 minutes , therefore please double check your belongings not to leave any important items behind.

In case of an airport pickup planes might be in a delay, but you need not to worry we track your flight and will be there on time, even in case of a long several hour delay. We only charge a waiting fee if you don’t request our car within 30 minutes upon actual landing, in this case we charge 500 HUF for every began ten minutes of waiting.

When arriving to or starting from the actual terminal, we have a five minute window according to airport regulations, above that we will have to charge you the extra parking fee we are charged upon exceeding five minutes. Therefore upon airport pickup we kindly ask you to notify our driver of the pickup when you are actually ready with your luggage and your car will arrive within 3 minutes.

Thank you for your understanding.

If you book our transfer, you will get:

Comfortable and clean car

Accuracy: our drivers are never late

Reliability: if you order our service, we will be there!

What our Clients say

Pontos, kényelmes. Eddig az Airport Shuttle szolgáltatását vettük igénybe, de most nem volt szabad kapacitásuk kifelé. Annyira elegédettek voltunk, hogy a reptéren a visszafelé utat is megrendeltük. És legközelebb is őket választjuk. Köszönjük.


Megbízható, udvarias, profi. Pontosan olyan transzfer, amire az ember utazáskor és érkezéskor vágyik. Köszönjük, és legközelebb is Önökkel utazunk.


4 óránk volt kiindulni a repülőtérre. Az utolsó pillanatban telefonáltam, mivel a csomagunk túl nagyra es nehézre sikeredett. Probléma mentesen megbeszeltük, a kollega normalis es segitőkész volt. Volt reptéri transzferünk ami olcsó volt es kényelmes, egy barátságos sofőrrel. Legközelebb is csak a reptéri sőfört fogom hívni, de már nem az utolsó pillanatban... :)


Tökéletes, hibátlan szolgáltatás. Köszönjük szépen ♥ Mindenkinek csak ajánlani tudom.


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