General Terms and Conditions -

The scope of this present General Terms and Conditions cover the operator of and all parties entering into car rental related legal relations with the operator and also governs the related legal relations as stated below.

The Service provider provides its services within the territories of Hungary and the EU.

By taking the services of the Service provider the parties acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions here below.

  1. According to the General Terms and Conditions the Service Provider provides car rental services for its clients with a driver, based on a case by case order in which the parameters – such as location, time, route and duration – of such car rental are specified and agreed upon by the parties.
  2. The Client can place orders for car rental with driver services on the Service Provider’s web page, by filling out the order sheet, or by sending an e-mail with a request via e-mail address, or via telephone, following which requests the Service Provider sends an official confirmation sheet to the Client’s e-mail address that serves as an acceptance of the order and which states the agreed parameters of the rental service requested by the Client and that is to be regarded accepted by the Client unless the Client requests alteration or cancelation of the order within 24 hours before the rental or within 2 hours after the confirmation was received if took place within the 24 hour period.
  3. The Service Provider grants that the service will be performed according to the order confirmation when in case the orders are submitted on the mentioned website or via e-mail or initiated via the +36-30/507-3607 telephone number and all necessary information are accurately and fully submitted, the order was submitted at least 24 hours before the hire, the order has not been altered later than 24 hours before the hire or if the confirmation is given within that time frame than 2 hours after the issue of confirmation to be modified. All amendments have to be confirmed, all hires are fulfilled according to the final confirmation. Cancellation can only take place according to the modification policy mentioned above.
  4. The service Provider may record and store all telephone conversations between the Client and the Service Provider, also all data and information submitted by the Client shall be stored and used only for the purpose of fulfillment of the services and for clearing misunderstandings among the parties, and shall not be disclosed to third parties. Therefore the Client acknowledges these terms and gives consent to the Service Provider to record, store and use such information according to these terms.
    In case the given information are insufficient, incomplete or false the services can’t be fulfilled accurately, and the Service Provider can’t grant to accept and confirm such orders and to perform such services. In case of such false, incomplete or inaccurate information was given the Client has the obligation to pay … Forints to the Service Provider to compensate damages if confirmation was given based on such information and damages arose. We also can’t accept claims based on such false or insufficient information.
    If a return hire request is placed with the driver such order can only be taken via a confirmation of such order according to the order placement policy mentioned in points 2 and 3 of this agreement.
  5. The prices of the Service Provider can be found on the website (, such prices are effective until withdrawal, and rental services always include a driver. Since specific parameters of a given order can alter such general prices, therefore the actual accurate prices and payment methods in relation to a specific order are submitted in the confirmation and include all related costs.

    The service Provider ensures a safe and mechanically checked, good condition vehicle however in case the unfortunate event of a malfunction a replacement vehicle is provided within one hour in the territory of Budapest.

    If a route and duration is specified within the order and confirmation that is then not kept by the Service Provider due to the fault of the Service Provider and the client suffers damages arising from the tardiness, the Service Provider pays the damages up to the full amount of the rental fee specified in the order confirmation.

    The Service Provider is not responsible for tardiness arising from causes outside the scope of influence of the Service Provider, such as accidents, traffic jams, official controls, providing aid in case of an accident etc…).

    The Service Provider ensures 5 minutes of waiting time if the exact time was specified earlier if a delay is longer the Service Provider charges an extra waiting fee according to its prices listed on our home page.

    In case of airport pickups, since the occasional delay of flights we can’t ensure a perfectly accurate pickup time.

  6. The Service Provider has an insurance policy covering damages arising during the hire and caused within the accountability of the Service Provider, furthermore the Service Provider covers all personal damages and related healthcare issues arising from any accident during the hire. Such terms can be found on our website. Damages of personal belongings of the passenger are compensated upto …. forints value. In case the client has specific belongings exceeding such value it should be noted towards the Service Provider during submitting the Client’s request.
  7. The Service Provider has the right to decline any orders at any point when receiving the knowledge of related facts according to which the hire is against the laws of Hungary it endangers personal safety and carries the risks of damages caused to property, unethical, dangerous to the environment. In case false information were given during the order, or relevant information were not submitted that have significant influence on the hire. The Service Provider has responsibility to fulfill orders given and accepted as stated in points 2. and 3. of this agreement.
  8. Further more the Service Provider can reject any order when revealing the following cases: passengers with contagious illness, passengers under the influence, carrying hazardous materials and objects, or any other cases that would endanger personal safety, health or harmful to goods, causes damages or endangers the performance of the hire.
  9. We only carry children and infants by keeping all related safety rules and instructions. We provide necessary safety equipment to all ages however these are only available when previously informed of infant passengers and their age.
  10. Animals are only allowed on board after previously disclosed and agreed to, they shall be placed in a proper carrying case or in case of larger animals by applying safety leash and mouth guard.
  11. All contracts between the parties are valid for a single case according to the order and confirmation procedure mentioned above.
    In case the Service Provider rightfully declines a hire based on these general terms the Client has to pay 50% of the hire fee stated in the confirmation on site to the driver or to be withdrawn from the client’s credit card.
  12. All hire fees are due to be paid to the driver in cash, in HUF. or Eur. against an invoice after having signed the order when upon receipt of the vehicle.
  13. Please notify us previously if payment is to be paid by Eur, or we can only give HUF in return! When paying by Eur our exchange rate is 95% of the daily exchange rate of the Hungarian National Bank.
  14. The Client is responsible for damages caused to the Service Provider by the client or the passengers according to the Hungarian Civil Code. Damages such as rightfully declined hires, damages arising from misinformation, late cancel and modification etc. can be withdrawn from the Client’s bank card submitted to the Service Provider.
  15. After the performance of the hire and arrangement of any related issues the contract between the parties terminates. Any legal disputes are to be arranged in a peaceful manner where Hungarian law prevails and the local court according to the seat of the Service Provider has exclusive jurisdiction.
  16. Present agreemet is effective from 01.12.2014 until withdrawal.

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